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22. 10. 2016  

Kabelverlegung HP GmbH
Kabeltrommel wird nach Kabelzug von den Trommelhebern gehoben 110KV Kabelzug Niederspannung Pritschenverlegung 20 KV Kabelzug im Dreierverbund in Rohre Verlegung von 20 KV Kabel 220 KV Kabeltrommel auf Trommelhebern

Welcome to Kabelverlegungs GmbH

We are an enterprise specialized in the assembly of power conductors in the range from
0,4 up to 400 kV, mainly with large cross-sections.

Our assembly teams have at their disposal both the equipment and the know-how required to carry out even extremely difficult jobs.

In our tool shop we continually develop and manufacture new special tools and machines which enable us to offer sophisticated solutions.

Large groups such as Siemens, ABB, Imtech, Cegelec, Areva, etc., rank among our customers, as well as more than 100 medium-sized and small companies in the electrical and building industries.

We operate all over Germany as well as abroad.