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27. 10. 2016  

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Corp. Philosophy

Construction supervisors and project managers who work in the electrical industry and are familiar with the planning of power current systems, know the problems that may occur during the laying of a long and heavy low voltage cable. Lack of equipment, exhausting physical work as well as an disproportionate need for manpower often make this part of the job unprofitable.

An alternative would be the option to assign a subcontractor. But often the joy of having agreed upon a low price does not last as long as the trouble caused by poor work performance.

The target we have set ourselves is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with regard to price, performance and quality. All this is possible due to the use of state-of-the-art equipment, flexibility in working hours and manpower and, last but not least because of the physical and intellectual capacity of our personnel.


Due to continuous improvement and investment in technology as well as in the training and further development of our staff, our turnover during the past three years has increased by about 1000%, which is an indicator for our motivation and the excellent quality of work. Anheben eines verklemmten Schachtdeckels Ausziehen von Kabel aus Rohr mittels Schubgerät Unser Team Unser Werkstatt Umlenken eines 20KV-Systems mittels eines am Kran verbauten Rollenbogen