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22. 10. 2016  

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Directory of Services

Our services include:

Types of laying

     • In pipes with lengths of 1.000 m without (manhole) intermediate point of pull
     • In cable trenches
     • On cable ladders
     • At C-rail cable tray
     • On all others cable support systems


Types of cables

     • All cable cross-sections, preferably starting from a ø of 25 mm and fiber optic cables
     • All cable types (low, medium & high voltage)
     • Temporary power supply

Other services

     • Anschlüsse aller Kabelquerschnitte
     • Kernbohrungen
     • Trassenbau
     • gebündelte Verlegung von Trafo Zu- und Ableitungen.
     • Umverlegung und Demontage 
     • Kabeltrommeltransporte, auch in schwieriges Gelände.
     • Kranarbeiten


Our operational areas

     • Worldwide


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The following equipment and vehicles are available:

     •6 assembly trucks
     •4 assembly trailers
     •1 assembly container
     •All types of engine-driven cabling winches with a traction power of up to
       50 kN and cable lengths of up to 1.300 m
     •Electrical winches (for indoor purposes) with a traction power of up to 25 kN
       (also arrested for vertical pulls)
     •Cable pushers
     •All types of special equipment, cable roller, cable diversion roller,
      continuous duct rods, etc.
     •Power generators 220/380 V (up to 4 kW)
     •Hydraulic cable cutters
     •Compressors up to 8 bars
     •Cable drum trailers (up to 6 t)
     •Crane truck (DB 1936) with four-wheel drive (max. lifting 6.000kg, 2.000 kg at 10 meters)
     •Several vehicles with four-wheel drive
     •Flat-bed trailer

Unsere Leistungen
Trafo-Ableitungen an Steigetrasse verschellt Anschlussarbeiten an Verteilerschrank Verschellte 20 KV Kabel an horizontaler Trasse Trassenbau Verlegung von Leerohren MS Kabelzug Montage von 110 Kv Kabel an Freileitungsmast Signalkabelverlegung entlang der Bahngleise Arbeiten im Kabelkeller